Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stephanie's Id 6.24.06

The beauty and purpose of blogs are to allow anyone who desires to speak their mind an open forum to do so. As I somewhat represent an establishment on this particular page, as well as post photos of freinds who often appear in the public eye, I try to remain objective and represent all of them in a positive manner. And if I don't like what I see and hear, then I just don't waste my time posting it, damnit.

With that said, I'll get a little subjective. I've watched Stephanie's Id over the past few years develop into one of the top local drawing acts at the Eagle. And I can honestly say there is not another local or regional act that puts the effort, heart, and soul into their performances as do these guys (and girl!). Each show gets bigger and better, as does their following.

This particular performance, or Idfest as they are often called, included an extensive collection of musicians in party costumes, a full horn section, guest musicians, balloons-a-flyin', and an all-out party crowd in attendance. Throughout the evening performances were held in almost every corner of the venue, from the front door to the patio stage to the mainstage and then I just lost track of where it was all coming from.

So if you haven't been out to see the enticing music-filled event know as Idfest, you're missing the best show in town. Keep yourself posted, as there's always another just around the corner.

Keep up with Stephanie, her Id, and the Idfest circus on theirhomepage, or on their myspace page.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals Starvation League 6.21.06

Bobby Bare Jr. is on the road constantly, and we see him at the Grey Eagle what seems like every two or three months. Every show features a different musical line-up which always leaves the door open for musical spontaniety and originality. We've even seen him play with his back thrown out and a neck brace on. If that's not rock n' roll then I emplore you people, just what is?

The show on Wednesday was his most high energy show at the eagle to date; complete with mood lighting and a karate-kickin' guitar player. Think Morphine meets Steppenwolf with a new-found love for Gram Parsons.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Band of Horses 6.20.06

I didn't get too many shots of these guys because they kept me busy. Which is a good thing. Since releasing "Everything All the Time" in early 2006 they've risen to critical acclaim and went on to play Letterman a few days after this show. Think My Morning Jacket with a little more melody. Props to my hometown boy Ben!

Watch 'em blow up at band of horses or listen to a few tracks on their myspace page.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Todd Barry 6.18.06

Short funny guy. First comedian (by trade)to perfrom at the Grey Eagle. Made fun of hippies and rainsticks, tattoos and Ashevilians. What more could one ask for?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dungen 6.16.06

I don't know what these guys are singing. I don't know what these guys were saying when they talked to me. The few words of english I did manage to comprehend were once removed from Shakespeare-meets-Jesus in a mad prophetic light. They were extremely pleasant people otherwise, and if I knew what they were saying, I'd be able to tell you confidently that they're the greatest rock n'roll band to come along in the past twetny years.

However, since they may be singing about my mother in that fantastic harmony, layered psychedelic guitar drones and hammered out solos, I'll tell you they are the greatest Sweedish band you'll ever have the chance to see. It's actually better this way, you see, because each of us can imagine for ourselves what the lyrics mean to "Du E For Fin For Mig." Personally, I believe they're all about good ol' bar-b-que. Ever seen a long haired sweedish man eat bar-b-que before? If not, then it's something to add to the list before you die...

Another excellent show brought to you by the fellas at Harvest Records. Check out Dungen (pronounced doon-yen)on the web at Site offered in english and swenska.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Mason Jennings 6.15.06

Mason has become on of our favorites. His past three shows and well-deserved reputation have continued to draw larger and larger crowds. This performance included highlights from his newly released album entitled "Boneclouds," as well as favorites from his past four releases. A gem of a performance during the 'best week ever' at the Eagle. Even got a little art from the man himself.

follow Mason at his homepage or his myspace page

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Gourds 6.14.06

The Gourds are always crowd pleasers. Even Snoop Dogg himself digs on their cover of "Gin and Juice." Their most recent album has been part of our house music cycle since it's release, so even the staff were pleased to get head-bobbin' live renditions of many well-crafted select tracks, as well as old favorites.

Keep yourself in check with the Gourds here.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Shawn Mullins with Clay Cook 6.8.06

Shawn is a friend of the Grey Eagle. He played the Grand Reopening back in 2005. This show he brought Clay Cook with him to collaborate on some tunes. Clay Cook is responsible for writing a good majority of the first John Mayer album, some of which were heard in it's intended form on Thursday.

Check out Shawn's homepage and look into Clay's homepage here.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mike Compton & David Long 6.7.06

Mike Compton has been called the leading interpreter of Bill Monroe's mandolin style. He can be heard continuously throughout the ever popular movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" and The "Down From the Mountain" CD and tour. This show was reminiscent of old friends getting together to pick a few tunes in someone's livingroom. Mike and David ran through several choice numbers before spontaneously improvising the second half of the show, allowing their virtuosity to shine before an intimate audience of attentive listeners.

On the web:

Forge Mountain Diggers 6.7.06

The Forge Mountain Diggers have been making waves lately playing old-time, traditional style tunes with a strong, modern sound. They did an excellent job warming the stage for Mike and David and received a kind welcome from the hometown crowd. Their new CD should be available by the time you read this, so look for it in stores and keep your ears tuned to WNCW to find out what the buzz is all about.

Hem 6.6.06

Hem brought their brand of soothing, country-infused pop before a packed house on June 6. Warming vocals conjured up picturesque landscapes amid perfectly-spaced tinkling pianos and pedal guitars in this Brooklyn-based quintet. I'd call it lullaby campfire music that you'd want to fall asleep to under the stars. We had the stars, but it was too hot build a fire so we had to do without. The music was excellent nonetheless.

Follow up on the soothing sounds of Hem at

Pink Mountain Tops