Sunday, February 26, 2006

darrell scott 2.25.06

Darrell Scott is one of the most respected and talented Nashville songwritters on the circuit today. He is a grammy-nominated musician and ASCAP's 2002 songwriter of the year. A session musician for years, his talents came to full fruition a few years back when Travis Tritt recorded the song "It's A Great Day To Be Alive," and it immediately became a hugely successful hit on the country charts. Darrell regularly colaborates with Tim O'Brien, with whom he performs during the annual Arthur Morgan Shcool Benefit at the Eagle. Darrell has a huge personality and magnetic presence and it's a joy to have him as a regular at the Grey Eagle.

Keep up with Darrell on his official homepage or at myspace.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

of montreal 2.22.06

Athens based Of Montreal have become an increasingly popular staple on the idie rock scene. Their performances are always over the top; this particular show included a wedding dress worn by singer Kevin Barnes and a snipet of "The Final Countdown." Although they project a faceless image on their albums and videos, this is a band that is enticing to the eyes as well as the ears on stage, and one of the larger drawing bands to regularly play at the eagle. Included below are shots from soundcheck and the show. Marbles, formerlly of Apples in Stereo, opened the show.

For more info on Of Montreal, visit their homepage or on myspace.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Game Over 2.19.06

New Orleans hip hop artist Game Over performs his hit "Katrina" at a surprise unpublicised show Sunday, February 19 at the Grey Eagle

Michael Vick made the short trip up from Atlanta after he was informed of the surprise show. Vick arrived in high spirits, his full entourage in tow, and took the stage for a one of a kind performance.

The special guest appearance from Michael Vick and his driver left the crowd in awe and iced the cake that was this special evening. Here Game over performs free style with Michael Vick and his driver.