Monday, November 27, 2006

AVAS 11.26.06

Avas is a hill of volcanic origin in Miskolc, Hungary. It's top, at a sweet 234 meters, is the highest point of the city, upon which stands a looking tower that is the symbol of the city, and provides a breath-taking panorama. Others may say AVAS is the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars. Some would tell you its the Automatic VFR Advisory Service, and even others still would shun the fools who do not recognize the acronym for the Autoritatea pentru Valorificaria Activilor Statilui.

Then I even had a dedicated blog reader tell me it stands for Acoustic Vibration Appreciation Society. That is rather fitting, as the musicians who perform under the moniker sure can play some seriously amazing music, especially considering that this was their first weekend of shows in nearly two years. Members of The Mad Tea Party, The Biscuit Burners, and Snake Oil Medicine Show flowed seamlessly as if they had been playing together since high school...hhmmm...If you missed it, you better be sitting on the top of a mountain in Hungary right now.


There appears to be some controversy surrounding the rumored David Wilcox breath-holding record in a hot tub(See post below, 11.25.06). I have been told that Blind Lemon Jefferson held his breath for sixteen minutes in a horse-diving pool while passing through Asheville in 1923. Now that is just spectacular. If anyone can provide further information about these two talented breath-holding musicians, or would like to challenge Mr. Wilcox, let us know and we'll see if a breath-off can be arranged. There are no longer horse-diving pools, as they have been ruled unethical, so obviously there will be no challenging Blind Lemon's record.

Chris Thile 11.19.06

Chris Thile, perhaps best known as the jubilant mandolin player for Nickle Creek, came to the Grey Eagle on Sunday in support of his solo album, 'How to Grow A Woman From the Ground.' Backed by the How to Grow a Band, Chris treated the packed house to an excellent show of original numbers, as well as covers of Gillian Welch's 'Wayside' and a lively rendition of the classic Band tune, 'Ophelia.'

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ted Leo 11.24.06

David Wilcox 11.25.06

David Wilcox is a heart-warming songwriter who plays an annual Homecoming show each Thanksgiving weekend at the Grey Eagle. A semi-reliable source tells me that David retains the Asheville record for holding his breath the longest under water, doing so in a local hot tub. Wow.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Mardi Gras Indians 11.5.06

These dudes drove eleven hours from New Orleans to Asheville, and within a few moments of arriving were on stage, adorned in pink feathers, and pounding out sounds, shouts, grunts and moans true to the back streets of the Big Easy. They displayed the lively culture of New Orleans soul like you've never known for just shy of two hours, then were back in the van on their way home. Damn.

Ruby Slippers 11.4.06

Congrats to Stephanie and Chuck!!

Ruby Slippers online.

Chris Smither 11.3.06

Unknown Hinson 10.31.06

Hinson is a favorite of ours at the Grey Eagle. An outstanding guitar player with an amusing, yet serious stage presence, 'The King' (as he refers to himself) provided a spooky Halloween performance fit to raise the dead. He judged the costume contest between sets, which featured a few tributes to Unknown himself and some of his alter-egos, then launched into a Hendrix number even Jimi would have been proud of.

Check out the king of country-western troubadors on his official website.

Okkervil River 10.21.06

Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys 10.19.06