Monday, November 27, 2006

AVAS 11.26.06

Avas is a hill of volcanic origin in Miskolc, Hungary. It's top, at a sweet 234 meters, is the highest point of the city, upon which stands a looking tower that is the symbol of the city, and provides a breath-taking panorama. Others may say AVAS is the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars. Some would tell you its the Automatic VFR Advisory Service, and even others still would shun the fools who do not recognize the acronym for the Autoritatea pentru Valorificaria Activilor Statilui.

Then I even had a dedicated blog reader tell me it stands for Acoustic Vibration Appreciation Society. That is rather fitting, as the musicians who perform under the moniker sure can play some seriously amazing music, especially considering that this was their first weekend of shows in nearly two years. Members of The Mad Tea Party, The Biscuit Burners, and Snake Oil Medicine Show flowed seamlessly as if they had been playing together since high school...hhmmm...If you missed it, you better be sitting on the top of a mountain in Hungary right now.


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