Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dungen 6.16.06

I don't know what these guys are singing. I don't know what these guys were saying when they talked to me. The few words of english I did manage to comprehend were once removed from Shakespeare-meets-Jesus in a mad prophetic light. They were extremely pleasant people otherwise, and if I knew what they were saying, I'd be able to tell you confidently that they're the greatest rock n'roll band to come along in the past twetny years.

However, since they may be singing about my mother in that fantastic harmony, layered psychedelic guitar drones and hammered out solos, I'll tell you they are the greatest Sweedish band you'll ever have the chance to see. It's actually better this way, you see, because each of us can imagine for ourselves what the lyrics mean to "Du E For Fin For Mig." Personally, I believe they're all about good ol' bar-b-que. Ever seen a long haired sweedish man eat bar-b-que before? If not, then it's something to add to the list before you die...

Another excellent show brought to you by the fellas at Harvest Records. Check out Dungen (pronounced doon-yen)on the web at Site offered in english and swenska.


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