Sunday, June 25, 2006

Stephanie's Id 6.24.06

The beauty and purpose of blogs are to allow anyone who desires to speak their mind an open forum to do so. As I somewhat represent an establishment on this particular page, as well as post photos of freinds who often appear in the public eye, I try to remain objective and represent all of them in a positive manner. And if I don't like what I see and hear, then I just don't waste my time posting it, damnit.

With that said, I'll get a little subjective. I've watched Stephanie's Id over the past few years develop into one of the top local drawing acts at the Eagle. And I can honestly say there is not another local or regional act that puts the effort, heart, and soul into their performances as do these guys (and girl!). Each show gets bigger and better, as does their following.

This particular performance, or Idfest as they are often called, included an extensive collection of musicians in party costumes, a full horn section, guest musicians, balloons-a-flyin', and an all-out party crowd in attendance. Throughout the evening performances were held in almost every corner of the venue, from the front door to the patio stage to the mainstage and then I just lost track of where it was all coming from.

So if you haven't been out to see the enticing music-filled event know as Idfest, you're missing the best show in town. Keep yourself posted, as there's always another just around the corner.

Keep up with Stephanie, her Id, and the Idfest circus on theirhomepage, or on their myspace page.


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