Wednesday, October 11, 2006

David Lamotte 10.7.06

Asheville resident David Lamotte has been recording albums and playing live shows for years. During that time he has performed around the world, developed a stage persona equivalent to that of an old friend and confidant, and become one hell of a story teller.

And I can asure you that what you are seeing on stage is not an act, but a sincere and humble being in touch with the essence of raw humanity, anxious to relate truth through experience with all who will listen. The audience hung to every word on Saturday night as David put on a show like no other we've seen.
David added world-class musicians and dancers to his act, displaying to new extent his musical ability throughout the entire show. Several audience members remarked that they had never seen David with a band, and how impressed they were with his versatility to meld with the new members into a top-notch performance. We're proud to call David one of our own.

Find David on the web here.


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