Saturday, October 07, 2006

Richard Buckner 9.23.06

Richard is another long-time performer and friend of the Eagle. He's become known for playing sets of music that flow seamlessly from one tune to the next, signified by his wandering lyrical melodies and poignant, time-tested voice. The most common remark about Richard's music is that it's strangely familiar, yet unplaceable. Some say this is because he could be heard on a Volkswagen commercial (during the height of those trendy shorts a few years back). I'm convinced, however, that he's one of those hypnotic performers who lures you under his spell of mad urban lyricism and layers of steady, unbroken guitars, shaking your soul before leaving you calm and sedated moments later. Richard was accompanied by Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices) during this particualr performance.
It's always a pleasure to have Mr. Buckner in the house. Find more on Richard at his homepage.


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