Friday, October 06, 2006

Eric Bachmann 9.23.06

Eric Bachmann was a member of the Archers of Loaf back in the good ol' nineties. After the AOL disbanded, Eric took a new direction, leaving behind the fast-paced indie rock scene for a more delicate and somber sound. After playing under the moniker Crooked Fingers since 2000, Eric came out from behind the mask, releasing "To The Races" under his own name in 2006. The disk was recorded in an old hotel in the Outer Banks right here in North Carolina, and I just can't stop listening to it myself. Eric's performance was just as soothing, including tunes from the disc as well as numbers from each of the Crooked Fingers albums.

If you weren't one of the few hundred to catch the show, then find out what you've been missing at Eric's new homepage, and be sure to look into Crooked Fingers as well.


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