Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Greencards 10.6.06

The Greencards have received more praise in their first three years than most bands get in a full lifetime. Infusing bluegrass and americana with such timeless influences as The Beatles and Bob Dylan (for whom they recently opened an eight-week run of shows), The Greencards have become a prominent act on a scene which initially had been foreign to them.

For a trio who all speak with english accents, they sure do know how to get down when it comes to playing American roots music. They displayed their versatility and impecable craftsmanship at the Grey Eagle on Friday night. An intimate, appreciative Asheville audience made these self-proclaimed "Eurograss" pickers feel right at home.
"This imported trio is playing some of the finest Americana around"-Rolling Stone
Check out the Greencard's homepage, or listen to a few tunes on their myspace page.


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