Thursday, December 14, 2006

Youth and drugs and alcohol don't mix 12.8.06

Here's a shot from Friday night, during the everybodyfields set. They're one of our favorite bands in the area, and if you've never heard them before definitely check 'em out. The trio creates a smooth, sad and beautiful sound that is modern Americana yet timeless...anyways, if you'd like to see more pics of the band they are in the archives of this blog. I've posted this picture because of the guy in the hat. At first he was sitting...then he stood...then he inched closer and closer to the stage, eyes fixed enticingly on Jill, the gal in the photo with the bass, who tried not to notice the guy in the hat...After taking this photo I asked the lad to take a seat, as he was blocking the view of the other hundered people sitting behind him. He mumbled something about being a friend of the band, and he needed to talk to them, other drunk rambles, etc. As I turned around to get a hand removing the chap, he beligerantly made his way onto the stage, inbetween musicians who ignored his presence, knocked over some instruments, lost his footing and fell into a stack of chairs. He crawled across the chairs before falling four or five feet and landing on his face in the darkened stage wing. Personally, I think he deserved a round of applause, but whatever...Hopefully someone reading this will know the guy, tell him that it's not cool to wear a Virginia hat backwards, and please don't show up at the Grey Eagle unless he prepares the staff that he plans to make a complete ass of himself before an amused crowd. Thanks for reading.


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